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We Buy & Sell Gold, Silver Jewelry & Collectible Coins in San Diego.

Cash for Jewelry in San Diego

We can give you fast and easy cash for Jewelry in San Diego you can come in and sell to us your Jewelry. We are a great place where you can come in and get fast cash on the spot.

Just come in and immediately you will be helped by one of our Jewelry experts. They will make an offer on the spot and you can leave that same day with cash in your pocket. So bring in any unwanted Jewelry that you might have, even if you don’t know the value of them

Cash for Gold San Diego

We Come Out To You ! You can't come into one of our locations? No problem. We come to you and pay you the same day.

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Jewelry Buyers in San Diego

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Gold and Diamond Buyers Of San Diego

A reputable Cash for Jewelry buying service in San Diego and Chula Vista always offers a fair price for all your pieces. Gold values have risen during recent years; this means that all those old items that you obtained years ago now have more value than they did when they were brand new! Begin by going through jewelry boxes, storage boxes, and dresser drawers to identify any items you might have available to sell for cash. You might be amazed to learn how many items you have simply forgotten about over time. Keeping old, outdated jewelry styles is not benefiting you. You can convert all those obsolete items into cash.

If you want to sell gold in San Diego and Chula Vista we can come out to you and pay you in cash the same day. Usually you can get cash for jewelry in San Diego and Chula Vista within 1 hour of calling us if you make an appointment for us to come out to you and buy your jewelry.